The $ 582, 817.00 the media does not want you knowing about!

August 11, 2010 at 11:42 am | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, Questions | 1 Comment

In Federal Elections corporations are vey limited to what they can do. I, Dave Dowling know so because I stood in 2 federal elections against rahim jaffer.

And yes, $582, 817.00 dollars is the amount raised by the current Mayor of Edmonton in the last election to buy his Mayorship. The $582, 817.00 came mostly from Corporations. West Edmonton Mall gave over $25,000.00. Katz Group gave $15,000.00.
on and on almost 5 pages of . . .. . Corporations after corporations. The first ten or so on the list of corporations that gave $$582, 817.00 were numbered corporations, so who knows who they were.. . . .

Mulitpull thousands after thousands raised from Corporations, not individal voters, but souless non-living corporations looked to be over 90% of the financial donations that totaled 582,817.00 dollars! Corporations do not even vote!
Most of that $582,817.00 went to major media, which is why the major media were so un=democratic in the last election, and why they look to be so undemocratic in this election.

When someone is willing to give the media $582,817.00 the media throw Democracy and  impartiality out the window.

You may hear some in the media spewing how they support democracy and all the good it stands for, and are as impartial as a winged angel counting deeds of good, but the truth is , when you read between the media lines and only see one candidate mentioned, you know the media have thrown Democracy and impartiality out the window in favor of bottom line profits of $ 582,817.00 or more.

More Media Discrimination

Has a very excellent example of what I talk about. In that article, lots of incumbents are mentioned, but not one of the twenty or so people standing up against those encumbants are mentioned. . . .
And, only one sided of the airport debate is mentioned! No impartiality there whatsoever.

Anyone, even media people can go down to city hall, at the city clerks office and ask to see the candidate campaign expenses forms from the last election and find out about The $ 582, 817.00 the media does not want you knowing about. Is this the first time you have heard of the $582,817.00? The media had 3 long years to report this to you, but they have not!

Which is 582,817 reasons to Elect Mayor Dowling on Monday October 18, 2010


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