Democracy is what Elections are about.

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I was participating in the Canada Democratic process gathering signatures on the nomination form to stand for election as Mayor of The Democratic city of Edmonton in the Democratic province of Alberta this last month. You may have seen me or talked to me  downtown, around jasper ave, on whyte ave, at the  strathcona farmers market, the folk festival or even the taste of Edmonton or the Heritage days.

I did not make it to the Capital Ex celebration as I did not go there as they showed they did not support democracy by kicking out the envision Edmonton people who were only expressing  thier rights and freedoms as guarenteed to all by gathering signatures for the Democratic plebisite on the Airport.

Democracy is what Elections, plebisites and Canada is all about. Democracy should be encouraged at public events. Democracy should be embraced and promoted by Media in Canada, public figures and anyone else representing any small bit of Canada at any event.

Why would a mayor of Edmonton, officially as the mayor of Edmonton, go to a country with a totalitarian dicatorship, that has no Democracy, no rights and freedoms, no freedom of expression, no freedom of religion, nor freedom of spiritual belief, no freedom of the press, no freedom of political belief, no freedom of unionization, a death sentance, some of the lowest wages in the world, a non-fluctuating currency, and rumored by our own CISA Spy agency to be bribing and nefariously influencing our elected officals, rumored to be persecuting Tibetans, Uygurs, and Falun Dafa(FaLun Gong) members, claiming parts of India, Pakistan, and numerous other Nations. . . name China?

Wasn’t there some Democratic Country or Democratic province or Democratic City that could have benefited from our trade?

I, Dave Dowling support Democracy fully, and even have a video of it here on this web site, where I talk about Democracy. I even signed the Airport petition, before the wild rose leader talked about it!  And I, Dave Dowling did not cut your voting power for councilor by 50%, I Dave Dowling support increasing everyones voting power. . . because I Dave Dowling believe Democracies are good excellent things that increase our Quality of life, and believe Democracy is something the World needs more of.

Democracy is what Elections are all about. Monday October 18, get out and Vote, they only give you a few hours to do so, and it looks like some would rather that be minutes instead of Days like I say.

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