Why was your Voting power cut, choped and cheepend by 50%???

July 31, 2010 at 9:18 pm | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, Uncategorized | Leave a comment

The People of Edmonton use to get two votes for councilor, now, in this election, on Monday October 18, 2010, where you can elect Mayor Dowling  you now only get just one vote for councilor instead of two, like it use to be. That is a Decrease of ½ of Edmonton’s voting power. When they make it so you only get one vote for councilor instead of two votes for two councilors, your voting power has been decreased by  a minimum of 50%

This lessening of your voting power by 50 %  at the least, was done with no mandate whatsoever to do so, when they were elected with only 11% to 20% of the voters vote.. .In fact I do not believe anyone of those councilors or Mayor that voted to chop your voting power by at least 50% had anything remotely like it on their platform or website or in any speeches they made to be elected to serve you the overtaxed voter. Did you vote for this?

The real questions to ask yourself is where did that 50% of your voting power go to, and why are some saying a decrease in voting power is a good thing for you?

This is not what I, Dave Dowling would name Democratic reform. Representative Democracy is where  you elect someone to represent everyone, not just those who vote for them. Which in the last election in 2007 was around 18 percent elected the Edmonton City Council. Did they represent only that 11-20 percent that voted for them, or did they represent everyone when they decreased your voting power? That is one of the Questions to ask yourself at the voting booth on Monday October 18, 2010 when you can elect Mayor Dowling.

Dave Dowling believes Democratic reform is giving everyone more voting power. Dave Dowling believes Democratic reform of Representative Democracy would be more Democracy, like a first small step of having the polling stations open for at least two days and even more if possible, perhaps a week! Such would enable a giant leap to actual Democracy, where everyone represents themselves in matters of Government. Then there would be no need for millions of dollers per year for city council. . . .


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