wildrose leader a . . . . Poisoner?

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Indeed, that is what The current Mayor of Edmonton said in his wallowing into provincial politics, with of course some foul nasty mudslinging who said two terms is enough, but is now running for three, and cut the voting power of Edmontonians in half, etc, etc, etc, was calling the democraticly elected leader of a provincial party. . . . A poisoner!

“Mandel says he has no interest in talking to Smith now. He says she has poisoned the waters between her party and his office.”

Read more: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/news/Edmonton+mayor+slams+Wildrose+leader+airport+remarks/3342992/story.html#ixzz0vEYeN2ve

Oh my.  I Dave Dowling was at the Wildrose first annual capital Ex BBQ, had a couple of thier excellent hamburgers, some water, and even helped one photographer, after he spilt his water in his excitment to get a good image of the wild rose alilance party leader.http://www.cbc.ca/video/popup.html?http://www.cbc.ca/mrl3/8752/oneonone/2009-11-01.wmv 

Smith, does not seam or look like a poisoner to Dave Dowling. . .

Edmonton use to have 3 Airports, nows it 2 and soon to be one, then you will have to take a bus to Calgary to get an Airplane anywhere.

Monday October 18 2010 Elect Mayor Dowling for good representation of Edmonton when dealing with people who are effected by what is done in Edmonton.


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