Edmonton downtown Airport.

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As the Katz Group pointed out, something needs to be done in Downtown Edmonton, other than more parking lots.
The Katz Arena in Downtown Edmonton would be something in the right direction in my opinion. There is lots of older buidings, and properties that could be redeveloped all around that area.

The Airport would be better as a huge park.
There really isn’t a big park in downtown Edmonton anywhere.
When such a large piece of property as the airport is sold to private developers, the only people who get anything out of that are the private property developers…..and a few lucky people with enough money to purchase property.
When such property development is done to such a large area as the downtown airport, all the gouged taxpayer of Edmonton gets is more taxes, more pollution, more noise, more traffic congestion.

Now, when you keep one runway open, and a couple of helicopter pads, you could still have a huge park that would benefit everyone and more. A Park that size, would have trees and other such plant life. Trees asorb pollution and give off oxygen. Animals and birds like trees and plants in huge parks in the middle of cities. As do people.

It seams at least one Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton, wants only a few to enjoy the benefits of an airport closing.

You can: Elect Mayor Dowling on Monday October 18, 2010, for a Mayor that believes all of Edmonton should prosper from the closing of an airport runway, by having a Jewel of a park, open to all to enjoy in a large city named Edmonton.


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