Edmonton City council -Katz-arena meeting at city hall

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I Dave Dowling was at that meeting, because, been born in Edmonton, I have always been a fan of Edmonton having a National Hockey League  team residing and playing in Edmonton, and remember a previous Owner of the Oilers who took money out, and left town, after the Oilers won Stanley cup, after cup after cup after cup after cup, etc. So many it inspired Calgary to go out and get one. . .I was also there because I have been decades long wondering why something is never done to envitalize downtown Edmonton.

Mr Katz was also there with some of his business associates, and others to explain what he was bringing to the table and what he was expecting from what he was offering. . . .
Mr Katz seamed to be offering long term residence of a NHL team and all that brings to a city, which cost him and is probably worth:
$200 -$250 million, which he retains ownership of.
$100- $150 million of generously donated land which the city would own and
$100 million or more of investment in the surrounding area which he would own for a total of.
$400-$500 million or more invested by Mr Katz.
For which he is asking what all other NHL teams get, revenue.

It also seams that Mr Katz is Saying that the city would own the arena, for which there may be provincial and federal funding available. Cities own roads, commonwealth stadiums, LRTS, bridges, crumbling rexall colliseums, veledroms, swimming pools, parks and other such things, so I Dave Dowling see no problem with a city named Edmonton, owning an arena downtown in Edmonton.

I posted my stance on this on this blog a while ago, but will repeat it here

The issue for others, seamed to be: An election is coming on Monday October 18, 2010, where you can elect Mayor Dowling who is hockey fan of the Edmonton Oilers, not some team south or east of Edmonton.

Check back, I actually post stuff here on this virtual campaign headquarters site. Virtual because, its pollution level is minimal, out of respect for  the environment.


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