Elect Mayor Dowling on Monday October 18, 2010

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July 1,  2010 I Dave Dowling do hearby state that Edmonton can:

“Elect Mayor Dowling , October 18, 2010”
Add this site to your favorites as :
This is the offical office site where you can participate.

A virtual office, at a cost of zero, to show fiscial responsibility, which is a most important skill that elected officials should have.



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  1. The mainline candidates seem to shy from a web presence, why? Difficulties in being able to take back what they said because it would be written! Good to see a candidate not fearful of leaving their comments and views for everone to review.

  2. It is disturbing how so many mainstream politicians are so apathetic towards the homeless. There is irrefutable proof that housing the homeless costs less in the long term than allowing them to languish and die in the streets.




    And the list goes on and on and on.

    • I do believe that thanks to the pioneering work I myself and others have done in elections in the last 6 or so years, on the web, that more Candidates are making more of a web presence which is a good thing In My Opinion.

      and Thanks for the links Eric, those are very imformative sites that clearly show in it is easy to make sure everyone has a place to call home.

      • According to http://www.homewardtrust.ca/homelessness-in-edmonton/, there are just over 3000 homeless people in Edmonton, lets use 3000 as an average from 2008.

        According to http://vueweekly.com/front/story/alberta_welfare_rates_worst_in_canada/, Alberta’s welfare rates are the lowest in Canada, $5050.00 in 2005 for a single person. WOW! $420.00 per month!

        According to http://www.vcn.bc.ca/august10/politics/facts_stats.html, our federal government spends more on prisoners than the poor. In 2004-federal prisoners, $259.00 per day, almost $8000.00 per month. Hello? I don’t know what percentage of prisoners are drug addicts in the pen for supporting their habits because of low welfare rates but take a look at the figures, which are undisputable, in regard to cost comparisons associated for and against housing the homeless no matter why the lack of resolve to help ones self. Give the drug addict maintenance drugs, get them off the street? Politicians have blinders in front of their eyes! How many politicians are alcoholics?

        Using the 3000 figure apply a flat rate of $500.00 per month for rent and $500.00 per month for food for a total of $1000.00 per month to put a single person in a safe but small one bedroom or studio/ micro suite with a survivable food budget for a total cost of $3,000,000.00 per month for all the homeless in Alberta.

        If all the homeless in Alberta were drug addicts, the politicians would be willing to spend $ 770,000.00 per day, over twenty three million dollars per month to keep them in jail. Where the hell is the justice in our so called modern society?

        Even if a person is a drug addict, it cost’s society less to pay for their drug maintenance and house them than it does to incarcerate them for something that has been proven to be beyond their control. There are far more alcoholics in the world than there are drug addicts but alcoholism is acceptable.

        Ask Ralph!

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