One more reason to elect Mayor Dowling Oct 18, 2010

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Edmonton city hall

Elect Mayor Dowling: Monday october 18/2010

In the opinion of Dave Dowling, it is excellent that some things are government owned.
Some of course would argue that what Dave Dowling says is wrong.

Those people of course use the roads and sidewalks that are paid for by taxes. I Dave
Dowling also know that such government owned things like schools are also important as are library’s, and parks. One of course can add to that Epcor, Telus, ETS, city hall, and Churchill square. although even I have argued on Churchill square, about the cost , the excess use of expensive cracking concrete, and how it is rarely safe or secure.

It is a good thing these are not privately owned where everyone has to pay an excessive fee to use them

If I am not mistaken, I do believe Clark stadium, commonwealth stadium, Rexall place and perhaps every skating rink, every playground and every swimming pool involved tax money in one way or another. . . . . .

There are things that cities need that cost money to have, like a police force that serves and protects, fire fighters, paramedics, road repair crews, and on and on the list can go.

There are of course some things that can require private and public funds to get them off the ground. like the first private registerd airfield in the commonwealth, our own Edmonton Downtown airport, which is now up on the developing block, where the city will be paying for roads and sewers and sidewalks and street lights and other such things so that the private developers can them make a fortune developing that huge parcel of land in the middle of Edmonton.

Elect Mayor Dowling 
Monday October 18/ 2010



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  1. Money grubbing big business trying to shut down the airport to claw away the land for big business development. Keep the airport, move the business!!!! Frequent flyer!

  2. It is sad when bottom line property delevopers corporate profits are put before such wonderful local history and convineance for people.

    shutting down the Airport will end up adding at least 1/2 hour for people coming to downtown Edmonton.
    At the minimum there should be one runway and or a helicopter landing green.

    For numerous reasons it seams downright stupid for the Edmonton city police helicopters to be flying out of the Calgary airport for patrols in Edmonton. . . .

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