Fake news and you

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Instead of informing you how to keep and have more rights and freedoms, Most News is fake media drama there to control and rule you for maximum corporate profit. Voting once, every 2 to 5 years is not Democracy. It is controlled and ruled.
Fake news and you
Long ago in the past news might of been there to inform the people, but now it is mostly fake media drama there to control and ruled you as pointed out in this blog post. There is real news about news and fake news. Real news is what happened in your day, your breakfast, how the family is, walking the pet etc. Real stuff filled with smiles. It is Not the fake media drama spoon fed to you so your controlled and ruled. For not too many would vote for all those commercials over and over again and again, enough and enough  times to make you ill. That is not news, it is a disease similar to fakebook taking your private data you yourself created, selling it to criminals everywhere, and giving you royalties of enough spam to make you sick. An out of control disease that voting on everything would rectify real fast. So for the sake of humanity, turn off the commercialism, complain to your elected officials about it. And get off the couch and be a Candidate for: “every voter voting on all that government wants to do. ” That is all you need for a real platform for real change that is for the better. The truth that every voter should vote on everything that government wants to do.



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VICTORY ! I was a Candidate two times in two elections for the Marijuana Party of Canada and was never elected, nor did the Marijuana Party of Canada ever elected any of its Candidates. Yet Victory is ours! With the Canada Government legalizing recreational Marijuana, allowing people to grow at least 4 plants and legal medical marijuana VICTORY is mine!
Not too many political parties or Candidates can claim victory without electing anyone, but I can and am! Thanks to Justin Trudeau whose place in history will be a good thing now.
VICTORY was not cheep, cheap, or easy and was costly beyond belief. Many were persecuted in the 90 year war against a plant by rabid prohibitionists that would smile when a Cannabis user was killed by police. And many were killed by prohibition. Many were robbed by the government of life, Liberty, Freedom, Rights, happiness, money, possessions, and locked up in jail with serial killers, rapists and worse and equated to the devil by fake media sock-puppets working for paycheck, not to inform the people.
I myself was beaten up, robbed, tortured and worse by my government in their nasty persecution of innocent people over the healthiest foods there is. For the mighty hemp sprout is the healthiest food there is and the mighty Cannabis seed is the second healthiest food there is. It was a war. a 90 year war here in Canada. A war still raging on in other nations. I am not sure what my rank would be as it was asymmetrical fought on all fronts by the underground, but I am sure I and others would need two chests to pin the medals on if our side was handing them out and it wasn’t.
We were not organized like most armies are. Nor were we well funded as most armies are, not were we well armed as most armies are. Instead we were the best armed, for we were and still are armed with the righteous truth that Hemp is the most beneficial to humans plant that there is. Over 4200 products can me made from the mighty hemp plant.
So as you help celebrate OUR VICTORY, pause for a moment or two to remember the innocent victims of Prohibition and the Heroic efforts of the common people that fought for Truth, righteousness and the children’s freedoms and rights to the healthiest food there is that has essential oils. Essential for brain and eye development in humans in the exact proportion our body needs them in we have been consuming it for so many tens of thousands of years.
Future generations will look back upon pot prohibition as the scourge harming all of humanity that it is, and they will see that I and others were on the correct side and stood up not just for our individual freedom, but for the freedoms of all humans everywhere. If more did such, the world would indeed be a better place.


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You deserve freedom to vote on everything your government wants to do as God intended. Yes indeed you do, it is true. No matter what insane-stupid-antiquated-bad-hypothetical-opinion you drag from your hypothetical gutter that overflows with such opinionated sludge to argue no one should have such freedoms, Liberty and rights. You and every voter deserve to be able to vote on all government wants to do, no matter how much you hate such freedoms, rights and Liberties.
The revolution has always been about freedoms, rights and liberties, it always has and always will.
TRUTH > opinion

Ontario voted

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Ontario voted. As most people do in a representative government, the people of Ontario voted as they do every 4 or so years to be controlled and ruled. Yes controlled and ruled by representatives in their representative government. The people of Ontario did not vote for freedom to vote on all the government of Ontario wants to do, no. Instead they voted as they always have to be controlled and ruled by others instead of themselves.
The media whipped the public into a frenzied state and made sure they voted to be controlled and ruled as they are, have been and will be. The people of Ontario have too much sheepleism in their ancestory to vote for the freedoms of Democracy. Democracy is where the voters vote on all that government wants to do. Voting every 4 or so years for a representative is controlled and ruled, not Democracy.
The Power is now vested in the King of Ontario, Doug Ford who will rule and control the people as all kings and Queens of Ontario do.  This election shows that the people of Ontario are good sheeple that like their iron collars of controlled and ruled.
Pay your taxes, Obey the TV, and bend over for the Ontario Provincial Police when they tell you because they don’t ask.  The three rights and freedoms all in Ontario have and voted for once again.

Some Truth on truth.

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Truth is something the mind arrives at by making a leap of reasoning based upon the evidence perceived. No matter the truth, that is how the mind arrives at it. There is three kinds of truth, empirical,  circumstantial and lies. An Empirical Truth example is the circumference of a circle is equal to the constant pi times the circles diameter. This can be proven by repeatable verifiable observations. Empirical Truths are easy to prove to another with verifiable evidence. Circumstantial truths are harder to prove than Empirical Truths. A Circumstantial Truth example would be the breakfast I had this morning was the best breakfast I had all week. Lies are a form of Truth as some will believe them to be true. I am sure you know an example of a lie been told or believed as truth so I will not post a lie here.
So though the world is spherical in shape, the flat earth believer will use opinion instead of verifiable evidence to make the leap of reasoning to believing a lie such as the earth is flat to be true. The fundamentalist zealot skeptic almost does the same thing as the Flat Earth believer when they declare that nothing is true and nothing can be proven.
Such is the nature of Truth and why some can not see some truths no matter what evidence you point to that enables the leap of reasoning to the truth to be done. Such as proving how the mind arrives at truth and how it can have 3 different flavors to sigma 7.8 Some fundamentalist Zealots can’t see that due to the obstruction of their opinion(s.)
Never forget that:
Truth > opinion.

Morals not gun control.

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Gun control don’t stop the criminal from stealing guns to abuse to kill and wound people, having morals does. It is almost pathetic how the governments and their sock puppet proxy media sob and cry all over social media, (like a bulldozer trying to flatten a hill for a new road,) that only government should have guns. As the government and media whine and moan only government and media should have rights, only the uber rich should have freedoms and chains for the rest of the people, I say propaganda and bull!
Self defense is a right all are born with. History shows weapons are sometimes the only way to stop despot tin foil wearing totalitarian dictators hell bent on attempting to be they that have killed the most for the dark horned fallacy of evil.
Controlled and ruled is telling people to be a sheeple and lie down for the dictators tanks to roll over you and squish you into soilent green jelly.  Instead of sobbing and crying that the people should be controlled more and ruled harder, by taking away rights and freedoms people are born with, the government should be standing up for peoples freedoms and rights by pointing out the truth instead of lying like they usually do.  Governments and media should be pointing out how its a lack of morals that lets people kill people. Not how people should have their fingernails removed, because fingernails can be used as a weapon to kill.
Gun control isn’t about making you safe when a 3D printer can print an AR-15. Gun control is about making sure your a controlled and ruled sheeple that can be quicky exterminated if you get too uppity when the government becomes a totalitarian dictator issuing fiat decrees you didn’t vote for, don’t like and are not in your interests as those fiat decrees rob you and kills you because of the color of your hair.
In America the government tried to bring in Gun control before 1776. . .
Morals is what stops someone from abusing free will and stealing guns to harm people. There is a problem of a lack of morals in society.  A lack of morals is what causes Nations to turn into armed police states where police kill  unarmed civilians and civilians kill each other at alarming rates as is happening in America and other nations.
Take all the guns away, even the knifes and still people will kill people when morals is something only history had or has.
War is caused by no morals just as peace is made by using them for the benefit of humanity.

A Rhubarb Perennial

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Here in the city of Edmonton, in the province of Alberta of the Nation Canada, this perennial Rhubarb has been sprouting every year for at least 5 decades. That’s over 50 years …. It is a bit on the tangy side of things.


Democratic Nation of Antarctica

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Respect the Sovereignty.

The cement kite

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It takes lots of tax dollars to make a cement kite fly. That is why most are bolted to the ground. Even then it takes lots of tax dollars. Why? Because taxes are ever so addictive.
Yes indeed, proof is how governments would rather invest millions into cement kites that will never fly than give the tax payer a 2 cent refund.
It is too bad you don’t have the Godly given freedom you were born with to vote on all that your government wants to do. It was stolen by your representative government. Voting for a representative every 2-6 years is not Democracy, it is controlled and ruled.
Freedom to vote on everything government wants to do. It should be yours.



Is it time to outlaw motorized vehicles?

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By the logic of the fundamentalist gun control zealots, vehicles should be outlawed. For the children to keep them safe.

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